Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spinning fuses earrings and necklace

These necklaces and earrings glow, and the elements inside them spin around, giving a somewhat pulsing effect. I will probably only be offering one colour at the Jewelry Exposition (I'm leaning towards the blue), due to prim limits and all, but they are all available directly from me- just IM Allegory Malaprop if you would like some, or to see an in-world demonstration of the movement. Please let me know whether you would prefer modify/transfer/no copy, or modify/copy/no transfer. Separately, earrings and necklaces are L$50 each, or get a necklace and matching earrings for L$80. I shall figure some sort of bulk pricing for you if you are interested in full sets of colours.

Current colour selection: Metal choice of silver or copper, and element choice of blue, green, pink, red, or violet. Custom colours available on request.

(It should perhaps be mentioned that my proclivities towards steampunk tend heavily towards taking the word literally. For instance, I regularly have my hair styled in a green mohawk when visiting Caledon and New Babbage, and my attire, while inspired by the trends, may not always fall within the general accepted rules. Thus, these fulfill my scientific curiousity as well as my occasional tendency to wear things that provide their own light source in dark venues- while I tend more towards the venues in which the majority of people are wearing black except for those who see neons and enormous tie-on hair as a way to buck the trend, these could be considered accessories for your steamraver, a truly horrifying thought.)

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