Thursday, August 16, 2007

Devils Moon

I saw a picture of Devils Moon in a random someone's flickr, (off of one of those sidebars of all sorts of people with SL flickr's) and was intrigued.

They have an absolutely marvelous street effect. I love it. It's magnificently clever, the street looks wet with rain, with great reflections of the city above. Now, as you well know, I'm sure, real reflections haven't made the proper viewer yet, and when they do they're going to be murderous on people's systems. Instead it's a partially transparent street with the city built upside down underneath. It's a fantastic effect, and it only makes me cringe a little bit on the amount of prims they have to "waste." They've made up for it with some really fantastic textures that make you think things are more high prim than they are, and while there are places where they haven't mirrored things exactly (generally a "prims don't cut that way" problem), it's mostly things that you wouldn't notice unless you were really paying attention. It's also a brilliant (modern) Japanese influence cyberpunk city, which is always good- that is what lured me in in the first place, after all.

I'm smitten, and I need to bring Max when he has the time.

Apparently there's also some sort of combat game at one of the neighboring sims that run by the same people, and there are free ice and roller skates when you 'port in. So far I'm just enjoying the scenery though. Even though I don't really appreciate strip clubs, there's a perfectly seedy strip club with a hidden "cuddle" room up in one of the high rises. I think it's by far the most realistic strip club I've seen in SL (but then, I don't frequent them- but still, even empty you can smell the sweat, desperation, and alcohol).

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