Saturday, May 21, 2011



Drowsy has been closed for a while, while they remodel. I'm always a bit sad when that happens to a good sim- often it's great, but it still means all those places that I used to love are gone. For now, Drowsy has just a little bit open, high in the sky, while they work below.

drowsy island

The island in the sky hasn't quite escaped the wolves, but there are far fewer wolves lurking around, and quite a few more cats!

drowsy cat

Bits and pieces of the sim below have collected together in shards, the clocktower, the library, the swings from the playground, all collapsed together in a small space.

drowsy library

Only BP* and Kurotsubaki have reopened in the sky, with their signature beautiful little bits and pieces, tucked here and there around the library and the rest of the island.

drowsy librarians

There's a room with a projector and mementos of previous festivals, ephemeral memories of Drowsy past.

drowsy projector

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