Sunday, August 26, 2007

Clock Island

Another case of seeing something interesting on a random flickr is Clock Island. It's sort of quirky and adorable, and mildly reminiscent of Dali (in that numbers fall from the sky and run around and you can walk around inside a giant hourglass, there isn't the melting involved).

There's also a scavenger hunt, which I am a sucker for, in the case of finding the 12 gold numbers. I've found four or five, and beyond a couple of obvious ones, they head straight into the realm of dirty pool. Inside objects, buried underwater (at least there is a subtle pointer), randomly falling from the sky with no discernible pattern... However, it's still great fun, although the assisting text and whole design concept is in Japanese, so one who doesn't speak the language is left thinking that they've missed something. There are also a couple of freebies hidden around- there's a lovely number dress that sadly isn't modifiable (I believe it would be quite lovely in black, but alas it is stuck in white), and a neat little pointer thingie that can be somewhat tricky to find as well. Maybe sure you have your sound on, aural clues abound in giving you an idea where you ought to be looking.

Unfortunately one of the elevators looks unintentionally broken, and the intentionally broken one...I have a feeling it's doing something, but I don't have the clues to know what exactly, as my Japanese extends to only very simple and nonsensical phrasings (Your shoe is big).

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