Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Murder in New Babbage

There have been a couple of murders in New Babbage recently, how exciting. The first I discovered in the newspaper, but today I found a second body. He had a note on him suggesting that some of the urchins of New Babbage may be in danger as well, as well as a recorded cylinder of the disaster to do with the experiment.
New Babbage, sadly, makes me chug like crazy, and I've never been able to spend much time there. Which is very disappointing, as it's an amazing place, and I'm looking forward to the new underwater sim (which, I hope, will include that lovely Relay for Life build! I've been making a diving suit in preparation).

(Speaking of chugging, after a chat with someone I've met at my sandbox, I believe that voice chat is causing massive hangups on not just my system, but also the systems of many, even though I leave it turned off completely. *sigh* It isn't even a feature I would use- I dislike the sound of my own voice, tend to be quiet most of the time, often have music playing that would simply add noise to the background so no one would be able to understand a word I said, and don't have a mike anyway.)

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