Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Snow Crash and Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong

I went to the Freebie Warehouse today, as I'm currently magpieing everything I can get my hands on, for potential use, and more useful, for dissection (especially in the case of scripts). While there I saw a sign to....Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong! This caused much squeeage, and I just had to take a port to one of the outlets. After the first dance camping (Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong appears to be the granddaddy of camping, which was somewhat disappointing, but on the other hand pretty fitting), I tried another, and ended up in Snow Crash (under water, under a building, totally trapped, so I had to port out).

Now, if Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong caused squeeage, seeing Snow Crash as an area was oh so very much more so. Unfortunately it wasn't all that exciting. It's being kept up, obviously, since there's active stuff going on on the sim (one thing with good and bad points about the land ownership system, for things to exist they have to be kept up. So you know things are active, but on the other hand if someone who created something amazingly cool quits, that disappears. Unlike free web services, which keep things somewhat in perpetuity), but it's dominated by retail spaces, and some sort of prim building helper. I did get objects bounced to my inventory by Black Sun, which gave me a smile (I have a tendency to pick an abandoned area of the world that allows building, and build there, instead of sticking to public sandboxes all the time- this time I was in the high rise, and it cleaned up quite quickly). They also do have a free yard sale booth area in Snow Crash, which I rather liked, although it was largely unused. (I know that Protagnist was an early surname, I think I came close to being able to choose it even, if I recall correctly, and I occasionally wonder if Hiro Protagonist still exists, or ever did...I suppose I could look him up in Search.)

While Mr. Lee's dance pads were full, there were 2 other people in Snow Crash as a whole. I often grid hop, checking out where there are concentrations of people...and so far I've exclusively come up with camping spots. Dancing and gambling mostly, with the occasional mall. I dance-camp occasionally, I'm currently leisurely building up capital so I'm more prepared when I get that far- since the offline viewers are only limitedly accurate, I end up wasting a lot on imports trying to get things right. However, I don't really get the camping. Client side, totally, because who's going to turn down free money. And the gambling chairs make sense, they trickle a tiny bit of your losses back to you, so you're encouraged to stay and lose more. Mall camping is supposed to raise traffic, but I can't see how paying people to sit around and not look around helps a bit, especially since there is a culture of mooching off of these things, with your anti AFK device, it mostly strikes one as a scam to build traffic so you can boast to renters, which doesn't really help anyone. But dance camping...is there any purpose there other than to make yourself feel popular?

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