Friday, June 1, 2007

Prim and proper

I have delved into the prim system to some degree, to be greeted by massive camera frustration. With the indispensable aid of Natalia Zelmanov's tutorials, I have been able to fuddle my way around a few things. First was hair, as that spiky mohawk needed to go. Second, I tried my hand at a number of ridiculous witch hats (flexi hat! Curved around to eat your head hat!). Third, I needed some earrings for my naked left ear, and the micro prims were required to make things small enough. Fourth, and I am still rather proud of my accomplishment with them, even though they are quite simple, was a pair of winklepicker boots, with straps and buckles. Mirroring the buckles especially was a bit of a math headache, as I find it does not always wish to listen to what I tell it to rotate things and instead fills in arbitrary values it prefers which may or may not have any correlation to what you've instructed, as well as deciding what is x and what is z, although that last is perfectly understandable in three dimensional space once one has started moving around what is x, and what is z, it is still somewhat confusing once one has turned something upside down and backwards a few dozen times.

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