Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Arcade

tiny arcade planet

It's been forever since I've posted anything here, and even longer since a tourism update.  I want to do those more often (I've been preoccupied with moving and a broken thumb and too many events and an occasional fashiony blog- I haven't BEEN much of anywhere a lot lately).

The Arcade

This time, I'm cheating.  Because, you see, I got in early because I'm a participant, so I have pictures that aren't crammed full of eleven jillion people (or, you know...30.  whatever the avatar limit is).  The Arcade!


Aside from the actual, you know, the spendy money on awesome things reason to go, the venue is amazing.  It's an enclosed skydome, with an entire planned environment separate from everything else.

looking around

It is, as you can probably tell from looking, pretty much 100% mesh.  Mesh really does open up possibilities that were unavailable previously- sculpts helped (a LOT!), but mesh is much more flexible with efficiency and texture management.  (I'm also lucky/spoiled and can run with shadows on all the time on this computer, so I do, oh, how I do.)



sit here, trust me!

You super duper want to sit on a donation kiosk, whether you toss any money their way or not. Make sure you've got default camera (hit escape a couple of times).

the hall

the roof

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