Sunday, February 28, 2010

2.0 jiras

List as of 2/28.

This is not every single jira relating to 2.0. I have weeded out some (all the language ones, for a start!) I'm including a mixed bag- some I have kept are badly worded, but good issues at the heart. Some are issues that I am in fact NOT voting on, but I can see how they would appeal to some people. Some I have not seen for myself as I do not use said features (like Voice), or cannot reproduce due to not using the system combination in question. Many do not really cover the whole issue, but are at least a start. I urge you to read up on the issues and make an informed choice of what you want to see fixed/added.

I WILL be adding more, and dividing them up into categories, until I run out of steam- they will be added to the end of the category for new additions.

No notifications when someone accepts inventory offers

Ability to copy UUIDs on NOT full perm assets
Automatic acceptance of inventory
HTML on a prim: IP and UUID security issues

Skins so we aren't limited to the harder to read light text on dark
Text too small, contrast, font options
Text too small, bold options
Again, readability issues

Parent persistence catchall- appear to NOT include a few issues
RenderVolumeLODFactor sometimes reverts to default on relog
Ruthing issues

Snapshot bugs, parent catchall Note: this parent issue is NOT viewer specific, there is a lot relating to many viewer versions
Hi rez snapshots broken
Hi rez snapshots broken
Hi rez snapshots broken- plus glow
Hi rez snapshots broken- INCLUDES TEMPORARY WORKAROUND OF UNTICKING RESTRAIN PROPORTIONS (and this is why it pays to slog through the jira- not only do you find issues to try to get them fixed, but sometimes people have found workarounds until they ARE fixed)

Bring back hovertip info
Hover has no context on how the object interacts- Touch/Sit/Buy/etc.

Parent catchall for sidebar issues- this links to individual behavior issues
including: Americans with Disabilities Act violations, camera movement, HUDs getting messed up, sizing issues, undocking items
Only one Profile visible at once under current sidebar
Similar single Profile issue
Profile images are not the same ratio across Profile and Search
Missing Interests (Language!) in Profile
Proposed fix to many sidebar issues:pop out everything!
Group notices and Inventory occupying same space- added 3/1

Object properties difficult to use- can only edit one at a time due to side menu restrictions.
Request for easier renaming, following Windows convention

Object chat behavior broken
Make the chatbar go all the way across unused space
Chat popups too fast
Chat bar focus issue
Chat popups too fast- seizure and migraine issues
Ctrl-T shortcut to minimize chat removed
No minimizing chat at all
Popups too fast to join group without having to reopen
Visibility of popups, again

Build missing
General size and order issues
Useful and intended default functions like Sit/Buy/Pay buried low in menu

No build/script/fly/etc. icons on by default
Coords on by default

Easy way to see what Events are on right now request
Search efficiency issues
Partial names no longer return results
Missing coordinates on Search results: harder to find things

Coords not on Map view

No Discard button

Tattoo layer doesn't have tinting ability all other layers have
Drag and Drop broken on some parts of new layers (Note: appears to also effect the Upper/Lower bodies on the Tattoo Layer in my testing)

Set Running progress window missing

Flash not working for some users

No way to tell active/inactive speakers
Voice not connecting period

Unable to Pay object with transparant texture
Alphas on HUDs getting in way of interaction

Play and Pause buttons reversed
Group Role Abilities not applying correctly
Perfomance degradation on some systems
Sculpt loading issues
Cannot create clothing in appearance (Note: I've also experienced some wonky Save As issues with items saving OVER the current as well as Save As. I have not tested fully to report a jira, and if this is a problem for more than me there will eventually be a jira for it so I haven't started one up, yet)
Antialising won't turn on until you relog
Chatlogs saving in random places
Parcel media not restarting under after relogging
Standing from sitting makes you fly
Grid options not applying to Y immediately
Selection working strange (for me, this is but one part of how selection is working strange, but the rest may be related)
Prims not rendering randomly

Key binding request (Note: this is not the first time this issue has come up, but why not add it in now when it's easy?)

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