Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Again, wah wah wah, and rampant speculation

Oh god, this way-too-easy-to-post-to-the-wrong-one strikes again. Hah, crap. I didn't mean to keep stirring shit up where it was so visible. I really don't like dramaqueening, but I had to get some of this off my chest so it wasn't just running circles around in my head.

So...crap. I pulled it once I found out, but damage is done, and well, whatever the fallout will be there's no going back and fixing it. she's sort of "given her notice" that's she's quitting. I'm still confused about a fair bit of the whole matter.

I've heard second/third hand, that she revised the post, and the original version actually went to in to particulars. I want to read that post. Apparently, she ripped into the baby, which would have made me laugh my head off, because if that isn't a case of not getting it, I don't know what is. (I'm sure the rest, of course, would have just pissed me off- although if she'd actually said useful things? I might have let it slide. Violet stared at her cameo until she figured out that due to newscaryWL and SL refusing to save states when updated, that 5 of the gems weren't set full bright. THAT IS EASY TO FIX, IF SOMEONE JUST FUCKING TOLD HER. And you know, when it's not a freebie? A lot of people tend to hunt through their records and send fixed copies to everyone if something's messed up like that. It's pointless doing it with freebies, because there are just too damn many transactions. I overran my 500 a day repeatedly.) I still don't know what was "wrong" with mine- I'm wondering if it's some of the intentional things (oh, I would have cackled if she'd complained the way the pattern worked on the back of the men's version on a woman, because THE MODELS ARE DIFFERENT, and that's why there are two versions! The peck/boob shading and cuts are just an added thing because I had to anyway, and isn't too terribly uncrossable [well, men in the white women's, maybe]. Or bitched that my blacks are too black, hand-staple-forehead, believe it or not, they are dark _and_ have depth, which is a painful line to walk. Maybe your monitor doesn't show it all, mine does. Or that the top/bottoms don't quite match up, which is height of irony given some of the other things she's said- and they come as close as I could manage). Yeah, artists, by nature, tend to be insecure beasts, it's partly to do with tearing our souls bare and sharing them with strangers.

I am still wondering if its a vendetta against someone in particular- but no one I know has ever even heard of her before. An alt, maybe...but still, none of us can think of anyone we've pissed off. That still leaves a couple of people, but seeing as they didn't really have anything to do with the actual build itself...I don't know. I'm sort of peeved she dissed the poseballz, because I wasn't even vaguely started on those. I was way more focused on getting the place up and running, and added a few around as I came to it, whereas I'd been intended to poseball the place up a fair bit more, making some poses for it and such, as well as replacing a bunch that are there, since they were just placeholders while I was figuring out the rest. And now, because she threw a bitchfit, people may think that's all due to her. Um, no, not even a little. It was just one of the little ironic things that made me laugh though, the one pic at the motel, she's in one of the ubiquitous freebie poses that isn't particularly well done- and that's hers, not ours, there's no pose there at all (and, if we're bitching about not having put fancy sits in all the chairs, as that LIBRARY chair there doesn't have one...)

Reading through her archive, also just adds more perplexitude. While she does some feature freebs of quality...there is also a lot of not so much that she gushes over. So, whiskey tango foxtrot?

If I were a really vindictive bitch, I could try to get her banned from groups/sims of people I know. She at least used to be in one group I have a banhammer for, if I wanted to abuse my powers (which I in no way would- I'm not even going to bring up the possibility with the owner, as _she_ might do it anyway if she knew, as yes, we are protective of each other), and I'm sure I could get her banned from the sim as well, if I really wanted. I could probably get her banned from at least one place she actually "shops" (although she pointed out that she's basically a drain on the economy, and not willing to get a job or put money into the system), as she's a friend of a friend, and I haven't really met her entirely due to not being in the same place at the same time yet (and, *cough*, she's bought things from me when I wasn't around, as well). And, I wonder how long it would take her to notice and figure it out, since I certainly wouldn't tell her.

I've even considered the idea of touch-give and pay eventing all my freebs, instead of buys, entirely so I could keep a blacklist of people it wouldn't give stuff to. I won't because it's petty (although, if they aren't going to be gracious, they don't deserve it), and it would be asspainy with the lack of transaction records, that I kind of like even though they aren't all that relevant, just because, you know?, but on the other hand, a networked blacklist with this script very stealthily distributed to content creators so these people didn't know, would be fucking hysterical.

I had thought, perhaps, that aside from backpedal faster bitch damage control, her follow up "wink wink something else is going on here" post (which INFURIATES me, as to me, at least, it implies that she's got something going with ME, and as aforementioned, I have no idea who the fuck she is), was a play at grabbing a piece of the freebie blogging pie. Even bad press being press and all, and a play like this might get her the attention she craves from the blahgosphere. But, since she's backing out, I don't know. Maybe it _was_, until she got a much negative attention as she has (although she says it's all been positive...and maybe it has. Maybe people do feel entitled to not having to spend any money, in which case, yeah...back to my previous "maybe people will eventually figure out this isn't worth it". But at least one of her consistent cheerleaders is a friend, from references in earlier posts, and those I generally negate as useful posts, as friends will have your back even if you're wrong, a lot).

On the other hand, I think a crapton more people went to the motel because of it though, so it actually ended up being a positive thing in every way except emotionally.


Allegory Malaprop said...

I'm cheating here, and copy/pasting comments, but I think pulling the post elsewhere deleted them entirely, and I have this odd archiving fetish (and Alyx, if you want me to pull this, I absolutely will, since you don't have control over it now):

Alyx Sands said...

Whisky tango foxtrot indeed. I totally don't get "her". Or the "issues" she apparently saw....I love the skelebeaters to death and even got all my alts a pair too-I'm happily running around in the green one now. The texturing is great, *especially* on the black ones-they are not just solid black with a piccie slapped on.

I loved the other freebies too. I found the whole build great, and the poses too (the toilet rocks, btw). Violet's jewellery is stunning and after getting the freebie I'm pondering which of the sets to buy.

I just totally don't get "that" blog post. If I don't like a freebie I might say so-maybe it isn't my kinda thing or some such. If I think sopmething has "issues" (I keep thinking of a freebie shrink where those poor freebies go to to say "I have....issues.")I should explain what kind of issues-if it's really technical stuff and not just personal taste. But brushing everything off like that? And then whiny-quit? Grow some.
Alle, don't let that wear you down. I'm gonna go inject some Linden bucks now into your cash kitty (sorry for the shameless loan translation-an old German term for a purse worn on your belt is Geldkatze...I just love the image)as I have finally decided on which colour of that lovely ragged dress I want...
Hugs from a fellow green addict

April 9, 2008 3:41 PM

Blogger Alyx Sands said...

....and I forgot to mention: I love "asspainy". I'm an avid collector of fun words. ;-)

April 9, 2008 3:47 PM

Alyx Sands said...

I'm perfectly alright with my comments here-I posted thinking it would be on the fashion feed, so I'm not too embarrassed about what I wrote!

Allegory Malaprop said...

Ah, good, I kept meaning to direct you over here to let you know, and hadn't gotten to it yet!