Monday, September 17, 2007

Jewelry Exposition, first weekend

I'm well chuffed, I logged in to SL to find quite a tidy pile of money waiting for me. I'm sure it's quite modest in relation to the more well knowns (or, in fact, the known-at-alls), but it's quite substantially more Lindens than I've ever seen before! I calculate Lindens' worth in uploads, so I consider myself quite flush. I was a touch worried getting everything ready that I wasn't going to sell a blessed thing, and well, I was supposing just the cost of uploading all of the ad textures was getting off easy compared to rent plus that to give it a go in a case where I wouldn't have the built in traffic. Does give me hope I might actually be able to afford a shop though (which isn't to say people haven't been supportive; Max is often encouraging about how well things will sell, but he both shares my tastes a fair bit, and is my friend; and a couple of other people have made "you should sell that" noises when they inquire where I got things, but only a couple and they may just be being polite and all), so I suppose I ought to give some serious thought to where and what sort of rotation to run. Bleh, the responsibility of paying rent consistently is actually the worst bit.

I suppose either way this means quite a nice import cushion. (I suppose I say "I suppose" too much, but you'll get used to that.) I guess I'll just have to spend it building more clothes then! I do have to sort out an AO as well, I just keep waffling on what sort of poses. But standing around with the defaults really is beginning to irk me something fierce.

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