Thursday, July 12, 2007


I've met some of the denizens of the Wastelands, in the bar in the Great Fissure. One of the people who, it turns out, owns a fair bit of land in the Wastelands, struck up a conversation with me whilst I was gawking at the giant crab, and invited me in to meet some people. I've been back a few times, and end up sitting around for hours. Last time I was there I wore a new helmet that I'd just thrown together on a whim (it is obviously Morpheus' helm from Sandman), but usually I wear my goggles, the very first item I managed to script. It's a simple little script that just puts them up on my head, or down over my eyes on touch, but I'm still rather proud of myself for actually finishing a script (and rotations made things far more difficult that it could have been, and I ended up having to make some scripting tools to get that far). Someday I'd like to add a few more features, but I'm not entirely certain as to whether they are actually possible.

And here are a few pictures taken around the Wastelands, that give you an idea of what I look like, as I haven't uploaded photos of myself yet. I don't wear this particular mohawk all the time, most often I'm in one that is chunky somewhat anime, and off to one side; as well as much of the rest of this attire being something that I wear in the Wastelands- the fishnet shirt, the bracelets, the pants, the boots, and the spiked collar are worn most of the time, but I wear a different shirt, none of the shoulder paraphernalia, as well as a belt that is similar, but without the canteen and the skirt section. However, I have barely taken those boots off since I made them. Someday I'll have to texture them properly.

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